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Bay County, Florida

Welcome To The Kings Point Blog In Panama City - Bay County, FL

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Dear Kings Pointers,

I would like to invite you to participate in our new and improved Kings Point Blog.  I would like to ask you to use the Blog in any way you see fit;  Personal, Business, Political, Religious, Rant & Rave if you so desire.  ?  We'll start our own Squall Line.  Read More!

IT'S FREE!  It won't cost you a dime as long as you live on one of these streets.  I will never ask you for money.  Hence FREE...

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We maintain our hometown site from PC.  Amazing, but it works.

Paint Doctor


Cajun Country



Brainstorming Potential Is Unlimited.  What's in Your Brain...

I have AAADDS ...
Age Activated Attention Deficient Disorder Syndrome .  Some of these projects are still in work...